Ngima and his team has provided wonderful service...

I have lead groups to Nepal since 1990, and am acquainted with many trekking companies. I am pleased to recommend Nepal Myths and Mountain Trails, and the Founder Director, Mr. Ngima Dorje Sherpa.

 I have been Director of Déjà Vu Tours, an adventure travel company based in California, and also have taken my own private groups to Nepal. On each occasion, Ngima and his staff have provided wonderful service. In the planning stage they offer many excellent suggestions which improve the trip. And in-country - both in Kathmandu Valley, and in the mountains, they provide once-in-a-lifetime experience that are safe and fascinating.

 Ngima is intimately knowledgeable of all these areas, and his treks are able to give the visitors experiences that other might not otherwise have. His on-trek Sherpa staff is excellent. Time after time they will go out of their way to make sure each visitor has the best possible day on the trail. I have engaged NMMT for treks that were fully catered—with their own tents and cooking crew. I have also used NMMT for tea house treks. On both types, my travelers have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Not only does NMMT provide excellent service, but they go out of their way to exceed expectations. On one trek, 2 of the NMMT Sherpas had summitted Everest, and they held us spell-bound with their amazing stories one evening after dinner. And on another day of a guided tour of Kathmandu, NMMT arranged for us to have a delightful and well-versed expert accompany us for the day.

 A key element is that NMMT is always able to open doors to experiences that otherwise would be missed. On many occasions the staff has had the keen eyes to spot rare animals, and to guide the visitors closer. At other times they have arranged for us to visit village dance festivals. And whenever a monastery is having a ritual, NMMT has been able to give our travelers a front row seat, and often an audience with a Rinpoche as a bonus. 

It is a pleasure to recommend NMMT. Namaste, and have a wonderful visit to Nepal..

- John Huddleston 
Berkeley, California (Thame Mani Rimdu 2010, Tengboche Mani Rimdu 2011)

NMMT stand out from the crowd of Nepali agents...

Nepal Myths and Mountain Trails organised a 23 day tailor made camping trek for 4 of us to Tsum valley and Manaslu in autumn 2011. They were knowledgeable about the route, well organised, responsive and easy to deal with. The guides and kitchen staff - who were mostly long term employees rather than the contract staff used by many agencies - were well qualified and experienced. The cook and guide knew the Tsum/Manaslu route well. Both the cook and the assistant guide had summited Everest. The Founder Director Ngima Sherpa kept in touch with the guide throughout the trek and we had confidence that if some emergency situation had arisen we would have been well looked after. Established in 1996, NMMT specialise in tailor made climbing expeditions, treks and cultural tours for individuals and groups. NMMT stand out from the crowd of Nepali agents and although not the cheapest they offer good value for money; they appear to get a high volume of repeat business. A proportion of profits are ploughed back into social projects in the Khumbu area. Highly recommended!!!


Gillian & Keith Gillianders, 
United Kingdom (Tsum Valley and Round Manaslu Trek 2011, Everest Three Passes & Arun Valley Trek 2012)

Walking with a purpose...

In 2003 I was privileged to participate in a full camping trek to the Annapurna Sanctuary during Spring time with a group from New Zealand under the leadership of Alan and Gael Jellyman. Although that was nearly ten years ago, my memories are vivid of the gracious Sherpa staff, for whom nothing was a problem, and who were most professional in guiding, providing excellent meals, erecting and dismantling tents, and on occasion carrying an extra pack or two for trek-weary clients.

 That trek sparked the beginning of a personal commitment to the Nepali people in response to Ngima’s request in 2004 for volunteers to provide a medical camp in his remote Khumbu village of Khari Khola. Alan and Gael Jellyman had enjoyed many years of trekking in Nepal and welcomed the opportunity to give something meaningful and sustaining to the Nepalis in return for the hospitality and friendship received.

As Gael was a NZRN (New Zealand Registered Nurse) Ngima’s suggestion resonated for her. However, as Gael’s deteriorating health prevented her from returning to Nepal, following her passing away, Alan upheld her wish by forming ‘The Band-Aid Box Charitable Trust’ to benefit the villagers of Khari Khola and surrounding villages, and subsequently both Alan and I became Trustees.

 Ngima Dorgi Sherpa, Founder Director for NMMT was the Band-Aid Box Trust’s preferred service provider for all the supporting treks which were organised to coincide with the seven medical camps in Khari Khola from 2005 – 2012 . Without the co-operation of Ngima Dorji and NMMT the camps would not have been nearly as successful over the years. NMMT was contracted by the Band-Aid Box Trust to provide all the necessary logistics for land and air transport, and portering of countless 50 litre barrels and crates of vital medical supplies, equipment, instruments and consumables, and personnel to Khari Khola.

Once again, NMMT rose to the challenges of out-of-the-ordinary demands to smooth the way between non-Nepali speaking Western medical volunteers by providing bi-lingual (English-Nepali) staff coupled with welcoming accommodation in the Khari Khola Guest House.

 Over the years the Band-Aid Box Trust has been privileged to enlist medical volunteers from New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, and Australia, and in conjunction with contracted Nepali medics have attended to around 15,000 patients across dental, gyney and obstetrics, optometry and ophthalmology, ENT, general practice, minor surgery, dispensing of pharmacology, and education in basic family health, family planning, oral and personal hygiene. Most patients would have been seen by three to four specialist areas at each camp, thereby significantly exceeding the number of ‘actual’ patient presentations overall.

In 2009 and 2010, two highly successful ‘English Enrichment Workshops for Teachers’ were conducted in Khari Khola by Mrs Sarah Davey, a specialist ESOL and English teacher from New Zealand. These invaluable workshops provided the Nepali teachers with innovative strategies for teaching English to their students. Ngima’s devotion and commitment to his own impoverished people – those least positioned to afford basic healthcare and or specialist services of any kind – has worked tirelessly on their behalf each year to ensure an adequate provision of staff and auxiliary matters were available for each medical camp.

 More recently, Dhulikhel Teaching University Hospital in Kathmandu has formally adopted Khari Khola as part of their ‘Community Outreach Programme’ and in April 2012, the Band-Aid Box participated in a formal handing-over of all the medical instruments, equipment and materials. The Khari Khola community now own that which was gifted and Dhulikhel Hospital have taken total responsibility for all management and implementation of future clinics in Khari Khola. This will be of immense benefit to the villagers of Khari Khola as the team from Dhulikhel are totally dedicated to Khari Khola with their broad skill base, their compassion, and willingness to care for all those villagers who are geographically and fiscally well beyond any regular central government assistance.

 In order for the smooth running of future medical camps, Ngima Dorgi Sherpa will continue play a pivotal role between the interests of Khari Khola villagers and Dhulikhel Hospital’s continued delivery of healthcare there.

 My trekking in Nepal has been very limited to beating the same path each year to Khari Khola, walking with a purpose, working alongside and serving the most beautiful, tolerant, gracious, gentle and generously spirited people I have ever met in all my years of travelling. My work isn’t finished in Khari Khola and surrounding villages and no matter how many times I return in the future, under the guidance of Ngima and his staff, I will never be able to claim to have given enough or done enough for the families of Khari Khola whom I have come to love.

 Instead, they have enriched my life spiritually and given me more than I could ever give them.

I feel it is fitting to close this comment with Buddha Medicine Guru’s mantra.

“Tayatha Om Bekhadze
 Bekhadze Maha Bekhadze 
Bekhadze Randzaya
 Sumagate Soha”. 

"May those in captivity be freed. May the powerless be endowed with power. And may people only think of benefitting one another.” 

Dhanybad and with best wishes

Robin Drake (Mrs) Trustee The Band-Aid Box Charitable Trust, NEW ZEALAND 
‘Keeping Khari Khola Healthy’ 
3rd May 2012.

The birthday cake they made for me...

While I found the trip quite difficult at times (probably because of my age and the altitude) I am glad I had the opportunity to do it. Ever since Hillary climbed Everest I have had an interest in mountains. I have climbed and tramped many parts of NZ and Nepal has always been of interest to me. But this was the first real opportunity I had to actually visit your country. It was my first experience of being in a party with guides and porters where my part was simply to walk and enjoy. The staff, particularly the Sherpas, were excellent and I always felt very safe and well cared for. The meals and serving of them were 1st class and they set up and took down camps very efficiently with no effort on our part. Perhaps because of my age I sensed they took particularly good care of me and I was very pleased to receive that care and the way they went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable. The birthday cake they made for me at Namche for my 72nd birthday was particularly memorable. Please pass on my thanks to them. I can't remember all their names but you no doubt know who they are. I had several enjoyable conversations with Lakpa on the track and gained a better understanding of the country and your people.


Peter Wilson, 83 Bertrand
Road West, RD 3, New Plymouth 
New Zealand (Gokyo Lake Trek 2012)

The trip was memorable, enjoyable and safe...

We have been on three trips with NMMT, each one was well organised and ran very smoothly. The founder director Ngima ensures that the trip is tailor made to your requirements, personally meeting you at your hotel to introduce you to your guide, explain everything about your trip and answer any questions. The guide, Sherpa and other staff are dedicated to making your trip memorable, enjoyable and safe. The cooks are amazing, the meals that they can prepare on a couple of kerosene stoves are unbelievable, and they always make sure that there is a supply of safe drinking water. 

The guide always makes time to show you places of interest, schools, monasteries etc. and explains about the culture.

Last but not least all the staff have a great sense of humour. We would strongly recommend NMMT for any holiday or experience in Nepal.

- Les and Jane Skidmore, Buxton
 Road West, RD 3, New Plymouth
 Derbyshire, England
(Arun Valley Trek 2003, Round Manaslu Trek 2004, Tibet Tour 2006)

Interaction with the Nepali people were a highlight...

Upon our group's arrival at Kathmandu airport we were welcomed in person by Ngima Dorji Sherpa, Managing Director of Nepal Myths & Mountain Trails, escorted through the melee and driven to our hotel in their comfortable van. Following a briefing meeting with our trip leader Lakpa Sherpa we were issued with kit bags and sleeping bags, and generally prepared for our 18 day trek from Phaplu to Gokyo. We chose to do the trip in tents, taking NMMT cooks, sometimes eating in the dining tent, sometimes taking our meals in the guest house next to our camp. Not one of our party got 'sick' with upset stomach as a result. The food served up was varied, nutritious and sufficient to sustain each day's trek. In fact, not one of us got as much as a blister on the trip. The sleeping bags were warm, the tents dry, even with a frost every night for the week above Phortse Tenga where we had three inches of snow overnight. The pace was great, allowing all members of the party, aged from 49 to 72 to trek together, and enjoy the sights and experiences that is Nepal, with informed commentary and translating from our Sherpas.

The escorted monastery visits, and enjoyable interaction with the Nepali people were a highlight. 

At the conclusion of the trek half our group flew to Royal Chitwan National Park, and once again Ngima escorted us to and from the airport, making that such a less stressful experience. This was an extremely enjoyable life-experience, and if I was to return, I would have no hesitation using the services of Nepal Myths and Mountain Trails. Since NM&MT conduct a more 'luxurious' trek utilising Western-style lodges, that return to Nepal may not be that far in the future. Thank you Ngima Dorji Sherpa and your staff.

-Peter James Wood 
New Zealand (Gokyo Lake Trek 2012)

This trek was the start of my love for Nepal...

"The first time I came in Nepal was in 1994, to make the trekking “Round Dhaulagiri” where Ngima Dorji Sherpa was our Sirdar. This experience was the start of my love for Nepal. In the meantime I have returned many times for trekking, climbs and expeditions. Since the beginning we have been working with Ngima Dorji Sherpa who started in 1996 his own company NMMT. In 2006 he helped to organise our Dutch Dhaulagiri expedition. The last years we are working together for our project “Nepal traverse”: a trekking from triple border point in the Far West Nepal (Tinkar La) to the triple border point in the East (Jhinsang La) of Nepal. In fact this is the High Great Himalaya Trail, but even more extreme seen the start and the end. Up till now we have realised 2/3 part: from Darchula to Syabrubensi. Our trek in the Far West was an amazing experience. 

Ngima Dorji Sherpa is an excellent organiser. We have seen sometimes unexpected things happening during our trips and then he is major in solving the situation. Further he has a very good team around him. So I recommend everybody to work with Ngima Dorji and NMMT!"


Katja Staartjes, 
The Netherlands (The Great Himalaya Trail 2013)

Our trust is indebted to Mr. Ngima Sherpa

The Band Aid Box Trust is a charitable trust that raises funds and co-opts volunteers to promote an annual medical clinic in the remote village of Khari Khola, three days south of Everest National Park. This project was initiated by the Founder Director of the Nepal Myths and Mountain Trails trekking company, Ngima Dorji Sherpa, in an attempt to secure health services for his, and surrounding villages. Trustee Mrs. Robin Drake and two helpers were part of the first clinic in 2005 and since then, with the assistance of Mr. Sherpa the Trust has been able to greatly improve medical services available to the area. 

Mr. Ngima Dorje Sherpa has played a critical part in enabling this programme to be completed in each of the six clinics that have been held. The Trust has engaged him to coordinate all of its requirements from travel to accommodation for volunteers and contracted Nepali medical staff for each of the clinics, and fund-raising treks, held in association with each clinic. In addition, he has co-ordinated the gathering, freighting and porterage of donated medical supplies from New Zealand and prescription medications purchased in Nepal, to ensure the best health services can be delivered. 

The Trust is indebted to Mr. Sherpa for his time and commitment to his local communities. In addition to the medical clinic, he plays a wider role in the overall welfare of his people by his active involvement in raising funds and sponsorships for schools and the recently completed Buddhist Temple. Indeed his leadership work on behalf of his people is commendable.

- Alan D. Jellyman - 
The Band Aid Box Trust
PO Box 71 


New Zealand

Thank you for organizing our fabulous trek...

Thank you for organising our fabulous trek. We heard about your company through one of our friends who already had two great experiences with your team in Nepal. We are very thankful to him, pointing us in your direction. Especially when things didn't work out as expected due to weather conditions in Lukla, you quickly helped us make new plans and provided us with various options to consider. Your contacts in Kathmandu have been invaluable to us. In the end, our trip to Annapurna Base Camp was wonderful. Our guide was extremely helpful and a great person to support the two of us up and down the mountain. As everything was arranged so well, we were able to fully absorb the beautiful scenery and atmosphere during our twelve days in the mountains.

 We would definitely recommend others to join you for their treks in Nepal.

- Lies and Marieke (Annapurna Base Camp Trek 2012)