Sun Kosi River Rafting

Gathering strength from tributaries draining the highest mountains in the world the white water on the Sun Kosi is Biblical, even expedition-size rafts disappear into the vastness of crashing waves and rolling, boiling water. After the monsoon the river is high and wild, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Whipped, foamy white water where narrow gorges constrict the river's flow, the rapids here are long and powerful. The warm waters of the Sun Kosi surge, snake and wind for 270 km to the east of Nepal. While the lower sections of large volume rivers are usually rather flat, the Sun Kosi reserves some of its biggest and best rapids for the last days. At the right flow it's an incredible combination of white water, scenery, villages, and truly quiet and introspective evenings on huge sandy beaches along what many people consider to be one of the world's 10 classic river journeys.

Kali Gandaki River Rafting

A deservedly popular and medium length of river trip is combining exhilarating white water with fine scenery. One of the famous names of Himalayan Rivers, The Kali Gandaki raises in Mustang an enclave of Nepal Poking into Tibet on the other side of the Himalayas here; it is a flat and braided river, flowing in an arid open valley. As it tumbles down between the majestic Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna ranges, it creates one of the world's deepest gorges. The explorer Michael Peissel ran this stretch of the river in a small hovercraft in 1973 and at least two other groups have rafted and kayaked in this section.

Rises from mustang, a most holiest name of Himalayan rivers, a flat and braided river, an enclave of Nepal poking into Tibet on the other side of the Himalaya, flowing in an arid open valley. It has flown with the deepest gorges in the world, at Kalopani the river drops off the roof of the world. This gorge is one of the ancient trading routes through to Tibet and is now a favorite route for trekkers.

  • Kali Gandaki rafting package from 2 days to 4 days available. This can be added at the end of your trekking in Annapurna region or Mustang region.
Seti River Rafting

The Seti Khola rises on the South East slopes of Machapuchare (fishtail mountain of Annapurna range) and then flows south as a fairly typical Nepalese mountain river, it is dammed for hydro electric power just above Pokhara and then shortly afterwards it disappears in to a deep and very narrow chasm to reappear again in a wide valley a few kilometers below Pokhara. So be careful where you get in! From the recommended put-in at Dule Gouda it flows through a spectacular almost eerie, broad river plain, at times meandering in braided channels at other times incising the plain leaving 100 metre high river cliffs. The rock here is reminiscent of builders conglomerate - pebbles and small boulders embedded in a coarse sand matrix but more resistant to erosion than it appears at first glance. After Khaireni the Seti enters a typical Nepali valley initially passing through some small narrow gorges. It then winds a lot between interlocking spurs of the high green hills, before entering a straighter jungle corridor, with only a sparse local population. This corridor continues all the way to the Trisuli, interrupted only by a short narrow section, which precedes the wide Mardi Khola confluence at Damauli. Features to note on the river include quite a range of birds, from many vultures on the upper section to Kingfishers on the lower section. The jungle corridor has lot of hanging, green vegetation on all sides and has several narrow valleys, which could be explored on foot.

  • Seti river rafting multi days package available.

Drive from Pokhara to Damauli. Rafting for 2 hours, lunch at the riverside. Camping accommodation by the river. Back in the river next day for some more adrenaline. Lunch at the riverside. Drive back to Kathmandu or to Chitwan National Park for 2 - 3 days of jungle activities such as jungle walk, dugout canoe ride, elephant back safari to see wild animals and enjoy the unique Tharu cultural programme.

Trishuli River Rafting

Rafting on the Trishuli River is an excellent opportunity to observe the diversity of demography, landscapes, and cultural heritage and the flora and fauna. You can experience the thrills of white-water on the course of three days trip. This can be degraded as per your interest and time. The Trishuli River is the most easily accessible from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Royal Chitwan National Park by far a trip on this river can be made for a varied duration, depending upon the availability of time and interest. Scenic valleys and impressive gorges, exhilarating rapids and easier sections as well as the right amount of time all make it the perfect trip for first-time or experienced rafters.

During the monsoon, Trishuli River promises a more challenging ride, with powerful rapids and whirlpools. When the river is running high and wild, there are hardly any rafters around, and rafting on the Trishuli River is without a doubt the most exciting thing you can do in Nepal during monsoon and quite possibly one of the best two days big water rafting trips offered anywhere. There are numerous exciting rapids as the name of Snail's nose, Teendevi, Malekhu rapid, Monkey rapid, Upset, Surprise, Monsoon, Cotton Pony, Ladies Delight, S-Bend, Highway, Monsoon and Pinball Rapid. This makes your fun more challenging during high flows with a good mixture of continuous rapids and pleasant calm water.

  • Trishuli river rafting day package available as ad-ons to the end of your trek. Drive to Charaundi (83km) from Kathmandu.
    Raft for three hours. Lunch at the riverside. Return back to Kathmandu.
Bhote Kosi River Rafting

There are quite a lot of rivers with this name in Nepal. A rough translation means river from Tibet Bhote Koshi is the main branch of the Sun Koshi and it has been descended by kayak from near the Tibetan border at Kodari. The river is followed by the Arniko Highway from Kathmandu to Lhasa, so access and scouting are relatively easy. The upper valley above Barabise is impressively narrow with steep hillsides shooting up over 2000 m from the river, and there are some dramatic and scenic gorges down at river level. Bhote Koshi is probably the most exciting short rafting trip in Nepal and has been variously described as - like a pin - ball machine and you're the ball like being flushed down an open air toilet if you're into fun, challenge, intense physical activity, and non stop action then this could be you. It makes a great climax for any team who has just finished a longer multi - day trip and want to continue the adrenaline high that white water induces.

  • Bhote Kosi rafting day package available. Drive one hour to the put-in point near Last Resort. Raft for 3 hours. Lunch at the riverside.
    Drive back to Kathmandu.