Dolpo Region

The forbidden land until 1996, Dolpo the time-forgotten destination housing Tibetan culture in the nomadic unchanged and unharmed for 1200 years is a piece of heaven on the planet. Elevated barren plateaus penetrated by deep hollowing gorges in the Upper region, Dolpo is unspoiled territory ideal for those trekkers willing to see the rawest form of nature and the oldest culture at its best. Contrasting territories of Dolpo while comparing them makes the place even diversified. The lower fertile Dolpo in no way matches with the upper Dolpo, which nestles in the rain shadow of dazzling Dhaulagiri and dominating Kanjiroba.To see the best of Dolpo one can undertake Upper Dolpo Trek, which incorporates the major highlights of entire Dolpo.

Highlights of the trek:

  • Phoksundo Lake
  • Challenges crossing high passes including Jungben La Pass 5550m
  • Highland monasteries including the one at Shey
  • Bon culture at Ringmo, the village just above Phoksundo Lake
  • Nomads of the ancient trading town, Dho


Upper Dolpo trek

  • No of Days : 21
  • People: 2 to 10

Dolpo region is situated between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri ranges. The entire district...